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Excellent Opportunity in Marketing- with an MNC client

We are looking for strong candidates to fill the following position with an MNC client of ours. 
See if you or any of your Friends/Colleagues are interested- if Yes- Kindly send Resume indicating Position applied for.
You can send us your profile at  “or”  or you may call at +919008076400 for further details.
Marketing consultant
Key Functions and Responsibilities :
·         Act as the face of Marketing Consulting Group for the company
·         Responsible for senior level decision making and both day to day management and
            Strategic direction of the Marketing Consulting Group.
·         Function as a strategic partner by linking all the strategies with business strategy.
·         Develop and implement an annual agenda for strategy in line with the business plan
·         Single point of contact for any business or service requirement for all these accounts.
·         Adopted new strategies to win good deals
·         Should be abl…